10 Royal Members Who Scandalously Gave Up Their Titles

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Most of us dream of being royals, wealthy, and famous. We dream of huge wealth, a life of being pampered, and the opportunity of travelling around the world and meet famous celebrities and world leaders. But can we denounce the wealth and royalty titles that we have for the love of our life?

Edward VIII Of Britain

Edward VIII Of Britain

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The scandalous abduction of King Edward VIII and the infamous renunciation of title have been written in the history. While King Edward was still a prince in 1920, it was known that he had affairs with many married women that caused so much scandal in the royalty.

When his father died in 1936, King Edward became king. He had been having an affair with Wallis Simpson who was an American. She was granted a third divorce in 1936 and they wanted to get married. His advisers were against to the marriage and since King Edward was also the head of the Church of England, it was impossible that he could marry a divorced woman.

On December 11, 1936, King Edward publicly abdicated his title and made his address to the nation. His brother, George VI, took over and the next day, Edward left for Europe.

A year after, 1937, Edward and Wallis got married and they lived in France until he died due to cancer of throat in 1972. In death, he was reunited with his family when he was buried in the Royal Burial Ground in Windsor.

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