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Impressive 3D Crosswalk in Iceland to Slow Speeding Cars

Putting up crosswalks and pedestrian walks are one way of slowing drivers for the pedestrians to cross the streets safely. A study was conducted and showed that there was a disturbing 75% of drivers who speed up as they near the crosswalks and only 25% slowed down or stopped.

A small fishing town in Iceland, Ísafjörður, has 3D crosswalks to slow down speeding vehicles. The concept was suggested by Ralf Trylla, an environment commissioner in Iceland after finding similar design in New Delhi, India for the same reason. Other cities that have the same 3D crosswalks are Kyrgyzstan and China.

Iceland town has tasked a street-painting company Vegmálun GÍH to paint 3D crosswalks. Using this illusion in art painting is not new but this eye-popping optical illusion provides that effect of walking on air as people cross from one side of the street to  the other. Vegmálun GÍH had tried the painting for weeks before they perfected the method and painting the crosswalk.

The optical illusion has dramatic effect as illusion seems to shift depending on your view. From the air perspective, the white stripes jump up which make them look as column of walls. At the ground level, the bars appear to hover just above the ground. Still, this 3D crosswalk is still experimental and study the effects before the government will do the same in other locations.

3d crosswalks

3d crosswalks

3d crosswalks

3d crosswalks

3d crosswalks

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