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    The Worst Snowstorms of our Time


    Those who are living with chilly and cold weather know snowstorms. There were times when weather forecast provide us with sufficient warning but there are times when storms catch us by surprise we do not even know what hit us. Even the plows have difficulty to make the roads clear, schools are closed, flights are […] More

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    Syria: A Country in Conflict

    Within four and a half years of armed conflict, it has reported that there were more than 250,000 Syrians died. The crisis started with protest against the government before it advanced into what is now a full scale civil war. There were more than eleven million people were forced to flee from their homes as […] More

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    World’s Phenomenal Archaeological Discoveries in 2017


    Archaeologists have stunned the world in 2017 with its new discoveries that have laid below our earth, thus making us understand better the cultures of our forefathers thousands of years ago. Here are the ten leading archaeological discoveries in 2017. The Earlier Homo sapiens (Morocco) Excavations in Jebel Irhoud in Morocco have unearthed a 300,000-year-old […] More

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    Stone-Age Remains of an Infant Held in Mother’s Arm Discovered

    stone-age remains

    The archaeologists in Holland discovered a 6,000-year-old corpse of an infant held in the arm of a woman they believed to be the mother.   The stone-age remains of the baby which the experts believed to be a newborn or a six-month old at the time of its death, was discovered during an excavation in […] More

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    Reason why Japan has less mass shootings

    Why Japan has no mass shootings

    We don't have to accept mass shootings as a normal part of our lives. The people of Japan have gun control figured out. #GunControlNow

    Posted by act.tv on Friday, November 24, 2017

    Why Japan has no mass shootings We don't have to accept mass shootings as a normal part of our lives. The people of Japan have gun control figured out. #GunControlNow Posted by act.tv on Friday, November 24, 2017   More

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    Transforming Old Silverware into Amazing Artwork

    ann carrington

    This talented British artist, Ann Carrington has a special taste for what is unique. Her recent art series she entitled, Bouquets and Butterflies, showed how she transformed ordinary old silverware into awesome floral arrangements. To do this, Carrington collects spoons and forks, and knives and transform them into spectacular and elegant bouquets. These awesome creations […] More

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    Unsolved Historical Mysteries in Northern Europe


    Creepy mysteries and stories. Most of them are unsolved crimes, odd things from the sky, and unexplained sightings which left us no answers and explanations. Here are some of these mysteries in Northern Europe that need answers to give their families closure. Ancient Labyrinth (Denmark) Some archaeologists found a giant Stone Age labyrinth in Stevns, […] More

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    Lost Mayan civilization discovered in Guatemala

    mayan civilization

    A team of researchers discovered more than 60,000 concealed Maya ruins in Guatemala in a leading archaeological milestone. The Mayan civilization is located in the tropical lowlands of what is now called Guatemala. It has reached the peak of its power and influence at around 6th century A.D. where it excelled at mathematics, agriculture, architecture, […] More

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    The Inspiring Stories of the World’s Natural Landmarks

    natural landmarks

    Today, we gathered some information regarding the world’s popular natural landmarks that by some reasons, were destroyed and disappeared. Some of these landmarks have vanished without a trace. Others parts of several landmarks have collapsed but have altered its original beauty. Just in 2017, the world have witnessed some natural landmarks collapsed and destroyed. Last […] More

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    Well-Known Celebrities Who Died on Their Birthdays


    There is a statistical phenomenon where it appears to show that one’s death appears to increase on or near their birthdays. They call it birthday effect. When one refers to a suicide, it is called birthday blues. We have gathered information about some well-known people who have died on their death and cause of their […] More

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    World’s Top News Stories in 2017

    Here are some of the world’s top news stories in 2017: January 2017 Istanbul Nightclub Attack The world was shocked as we all heard about the Istanbul Nightclub attack on January 1 that killed about 39 people and dozens were wounded. The Islamic State or the ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack. The Russian Influence […] More

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