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    Things people do that dogs do not like

    In Canada, there are about more than 25 million pets. In United States, it is estimated that there are 78 million dogs that are owned, or about 44% of all American households have a dog. But how do we know and understand our pets, particularly our dogs? More

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    Huge swastika excavated in Germany


    Last November 21, 2917, a large concrete swastika was found by construction workers during their excavations for new changing rooms in a sports club in Hamburg, Germany. While they were digging in the ground with an excavator, they unexpectedly  hit a 4-by-4 meter (13-by13 foot) Nazi symbol. The swastika was buried 40 centimeters (1.3 feet) […] More

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    Amazing Natural Wonders in the World

    natural wonders of the world

    Awesome natural landscapes. Amazing rock formations. Breathtaking bodies of waters. Here, we are giving you world’s amazing natural wonders brought about by natural elements thousands and even million years ago. If you are planning to go for adventure, we suggest the following natural wonders to appreciate our Mother Earth and life. More

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    How other countries celebrate Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a harvest festival and is traditionally celebrated with communal harmony. Some stories say that this celebration originated in America. Today , there are some countries that celebrate Thanksgiving although it is observed in various seasons and with different names. Generally, each country celebrate it with special traditions and ways with families and friends. […] More

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    Impressive 3D Crosswalk in Iceland to Slow Speeding Cars

    3d crosswalk

    Putting up crosswalks and pedestrian walks are one way of slowing drivers for the pedestrians to cross the streets safely. A study was conducted and showed that there was a disturbing 75% of drivers who speed up as they near the crosswalks and only 25% slowed down or stopped. A small fishing town in Iceland, […] More

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    Why do cats behave the way they do?


    Cats are one of the domesticated animals that we consider as admired companions. Cats have very flexible body that make them climb and jump almost anywhere easily. And because they are part of our family and we love them, we also need to understand the way they do and their nature. Here are some: More

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    Marvelous Underground Restaurants you may want to visit

    Generally, restaurants sit where we can see them but underground restaurants? Well, unique and maybe romantic! So, let us visit of of these restaurants and see what they can offer us. Ristorante Da Pancrazio (Italy) It’s the place where Julius Caesar was killed and more recently, Julia Roberts filmed some scenes for the “Eat Pray […] More

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    Great Ancient Cities in History


    We are honored with having lived with cities in the world that existed before our forefathers did. Let us know some of them. Çatalhöyük, the honeycomb city (Turkey) 7,500 B.C. This unique city of Çatalhöyük is located in Turkey and considered the biggest and best-preserved Neolithic site that has survived until now. Those times when […] More

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    Mythical Creatures from our Ancient Folklore

    mythical creatures

    We heard stories about mythical creatures, supernatural beings, and legendary beasts. These creatures and stories were inspired by animals and fossils and brought to life in stories, artworks, and songs. Today, we name some of these mythical creatures that we once enjoyed through bedtime stories. More

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    Ring spotted around the new dwarf planet Haumea


    A ring system has been discovered around the “potato-shaped” dwarf planet, Haumea, which is located beyond Neptune. Haumea, one of five dwarf planets, was first discovered in 2004. It is noted for its strange and fast rotation which spins end-over-end once every four hours. The planet has two moons and along with other four dwarf […] More

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    Impressive Sculptures Beneath the Ocean


    Arts and sculptures are expressions of our cultural experience as a people. Most of our ancient works of arts by our respected artists have been stored in museums where we can see them and take a peek on our historical past. Here are some of artworks and sculptures that for a reason sank into the […] More

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    Bermuda Triangle: Unexplained Stories of Disappearances

    bermuda triangle

    Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle is considered the greatest unsolved mystery of our times. It is an area in the western part of North Atlantic Ocean, including the Bermuda Island Miami, USA, and Puerto Rico where airplanes, ships, and people vanished inside this triangle region. Science gave some theories but still the […] More

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