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Best and Awesome Photos of 2017

The Emperor Penguins

Photo by: Laurent Ballesta/National Geographic

The Hummingbird

Lenses captured these emperor penguins went to the open oceans in search of their food. Those brownish patches are microalgae that entwine to sea ice and begin to photosynthesize during the spring.

Photo by: Anand Varma/National Geographic

To prevent from starvation hummingbirds brave through those heavy downpours to collect much-needed nectars. This photo shows Anna’s hummingbird shakes off the rain just like a wet dog does. See how camera magically captures hummingbird wobbles its head and body.

The Friendly Gray Whale

Photo by: Thomas P. Peschak/National Geographic

A hopeful tourist on a boat in San Ignacio, Laguna, reaches into the pristine  waters eager to pet one of the gray whales that visit the bay to mate and care for their young.

The Chinar in November

Photo credit: CNN

Admire those rich November colors in Nishat Bagh Mughal gardens in Srinagar, Kashmir Valley. The trees are chinar or oriental plane which are native variety of maple.

The Man and the Crows

Photo credit: CNN

A man took picture of crows at northern Germany.

Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador

phot credit: CNN

Vicunas, the wild ancestors of domesticated alpacas in front of Mount Chimborazo, the highest point on earth when measured by distance from the center of the earth.


Photo by: Jeffrey Kerby & Trevor Beck Frost/National Geographic

A picture of geladas keeping themselves warm, who spend most of their days gliding around their buttocks to free their hands for plucking grasses.

The Peak Walk in Switzerland

photo credit: CNN

Peak Walk: the world’s first suspension bridge that connects two mountains. Taken at Vaud, Switzerland.

 Laojun Mountain in China

Photo credit: CNN

This beautiful pavilion at the top of stunning limestone peak, Maojun Mountain hovers over the city of Luoyang when it is not covered with clouds.

A Sunset and a Windmill

Photo credit: CNN

Witness as the sun sets over a windmill in Marsala, a place in Italy famous for its premium wine.


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