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Why our dogs do some peculiar things

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Here’s why:

Sniffing each other’s butts

Odd but it’s normal in their world! Dog trainers explain that dogs have that sense of smell from 10,000 to 100,000 times over sensitive compared to man. As a sample, if our mom is making a pot roast beef, we smell the pot roast. With dogs, they will know the beef, carrots, potatoes, spices and salt, and celery – as a distinct and separate smell.

When they sniff on another dog’s butt, they are getting plenty of “information,” like the other dog’s emotional state, health, diet, gender, and more. It’s the chemical stored and released from the sacs that are tucked in a dog’s butt.

In short, sniffing on other’s butts is one of the ways they communicate and know more about each other.

image: iHeartDogs
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