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Great Ancient Cities in History

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We are honored with having lived with cities in the world that existed before our forefathers did. Let us know some of them.

Çatalhöyük, the honeycomb city (Turkey) 7,500 B.C.

This unique city of Çatalhöyük is located in Turkey and considered the biggest and best-preserved Neolithic site that has survived until now. Those times when peoples were nomadic hunter-gatherers, this city was already a busy city with about 10,000 people. Sitting on a big hill at the top of the Southern Anatolian Plateau, this ancient city is like a huge labyrinth of mud-brick houses and described as “honeycomb city.” It is made up of 18 successive layers of structures that represented striking phases of the city. It reflected the various areas of their history from around 7,500 B.C. The city has a unique and odd without “streets” settlement of their houses that are grouped together in a honeycomb-like features with most accessed by holes in the ceiling. Those holes also served as their source of ventilation. Their rooftops were their streets and sometimes their plazas where activities might have done. Their homes had plaster interiors and every main room was served for cooking and other everyday activities.

 Çatalhöyük, the honeycomb city
image source: Khan Academy
 Çatalhöyük, the honeycomb city
image source: Khan Academy
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