The Inspiring Stories of the World’s Natural Landmarks

Stories of natural structures that have vanished and starting to collapse over time….

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Today, we gathered some information regarding the world’s popular natural landmarks that by some reasons, were destroyed and disappeared. Some of these landmarks have vanished without a trace. Others parts of several landmarks have collapsed but have altered its original beauty.

Just in 2017, the world have witnessed some natural landmarks collapsed and destroyed. Last January 8, 2017, the iconic 1000-year old Pioneer Cabin Tree located in California was brought down by a powerful winter storm.

(photo credit: BBC)

Malta saw some parts of the Azure Window collapsed in March 8 after a strong storm. Experts have indicated that in due time, this beautiful natural heritage would totally collapsed.

(photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are seven of the world’s beautiful iconic natural landmarks that lost some of its original parts or have vanished from the face of the earth:

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