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How a Pastry Chef Designs Awesome Geometric Cakes

This 27-year old Ukranian architect-designer, Dinara Kasko, designs her cakes using geometric concepts combined with her delicious culinary methods. And yes, at first she does this  as a hobby. She also participated in some courses and workshops of several seasoned pastry chefs.

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She applies “basic geometric angles such as circles, rectangles, and triangles as her main elements. And she loves white, black, and red.

dinara kasko
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She believes in “simplicity is beauty” and therefore, her mantra is “less is more.”

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She loves using construction methods like biomimicry, Voronoi diagram, and triangulation for partitioning of geometric things into tetrahedrons. Voronoi diagram is dividing the plane into cells according to mathematical algorithm. Biomimicry applies systems, models, macro elements, and elements of nature in general. The art can be anything, while “fragmentation of expanding shells in a spiral, herb structure, or the form that bubbles make,” Kasko explains.

dinara kasko



She tries to combine and connect design, architecture, and patisserie to make awesome cakes. She knows the necessity to work correctly with the shapes, composition, color and texture, and proportion.



She bakes edible art pieces rather than designing a real one.

Kasko also designs her cakes to “play off” the lightning in specific space. For each cake that she makes, she captivates her audience with combined scientific consistency and delicacy.


Her cakes are not heavily designed and created with fondant or molding chocolate but she uses cake molds to bake each cake with the use of simple and conventional baking ingredients.




Kasko’s cake designs are excellent art pieces that based on parametric architecture. This means that she shapes the forms using algorithms.


She designs with cinematographic vibes and a perceptive soul. As a result, her cakes provide us traces of geometric abstract artists  Eva Hesse and Joseph Albers.

dinara kasko
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Man is endowed with unlimited gifts that we can use to make us happy and make others happy, too. Avoid searching for what can make you happy and progressive outside yourself. Look within. You will see the beauty and the richness of gifts bestowed.

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