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Stone-Age Remains of an Infant Held in Mother’s Arm Discovered

The archaeologists in Holland discovered a 6,000-year-old corpse of an infant held in the arm of a woman they believed to be the mother.

stone-age remains
A reconstructed image created by Archeo3D (Nieuwegein township)


The stone-age remains of the baby which the experts believed to be a newborn or a six-month old at the time of its death, was discovered during an excavation in Nieuwegein by the archaeological team from BAAC and RAAP. The remains were buried below for about 6.5 feet of clay and peat which is presently a modern business park. The found stunned the archaeologists.

The woman was about 20 to 30 year-old when she died. Her burial position was odd for the local region’s neolithic Swifterbant culture. Translated from Dutch, it was explained that the left arm of the woman was right along her body and her right arm was bent. The fragments of the bones of the infant were at the right arm of the woman, including its skull, the jaw and its teeth, the collarbone, and a leg. Experts are not certain if the infant died at birth (and perhaps the woman also).

DNA analysis is being performed to determine if the woman is the infant’s mother and to know the gender of the baby.

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