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Hurricane Harvey Updates: Death Toll Rises as the storm hits Houston

Historical tropical storm Harvey continued to slam Texas, the country’s fourth largest city, with a hurling rainfall record that forced thousands of people to flee their homes and challenging the country’s flood control systems to their limits.

Some areas in Houston experienced more than 22 inches (55 cm) of rain within the 24-hour period to Sunday evening that made roads impassable and challenged emergency teams.

The army announced that late on Sunday, they planned to release water from the two reservoirs located southwest of the city to protect the city and those areas that are near. Water was planned to be released from Addicks reservoir at 2:00 a.m. on Monday and from the Barker reservoir approximately 24 hours after.

The rising waters forced thousands of individuals to rooftops or to higher grounds as rescuers battled to keep up with the persistent calls for their help. Helicopter landed near the flooded freeways and high water vehicles went through the water-logged intersections, while other residents fled in kayaks or canoes or even swam to safety places.

The White House announced that President Trump wanted to visit Texas on Tuesday but by then, rainfall totals would be about 40 inches (101 cm) or more in Houston, according to the National Weather Service. They also projected that some remote areas might hit or exceed to inches (127 cm).

The NWS announced that the Southeast Texas which includes Houston Metropolitan is threatened by “significant to catastrophic flash flooding.” The nearby areas of Louisiana also faces flash floods as the soil saturates.

Five reported deaths were officially confirmed and it may expected to rise as the storm continues to trigger tidal surges and tornadoes.

Storm Harvey also hit the heart of America’s oil and gas industry which forced the operators to close some refineries and evacuate and close offshore structures. Port Houston facilities is closed on Monday.

storm harvey
Vehicles plunged on Interstate highway on Sunday as Storm Harvey continues to bring rains in Houston, Texas and neighboring places. Photograph credit: Richard Carson/Reuters
Storm Harvey
Overturned trailer in a park during Hurricane Harvey last Saturday, August 26, 2017 in Aransas Pass, Texas. It was reported that the wind and rain was strong and heavy that drivers were forced off the road because they could not see that is ahead of them. Photograph credit: Eric Gay/AP
Storm Harvey
The National Guard soldiers helped residents evacuate in heavily flooded places in Texas in the wake of Storm Harvey. Image credit: The Telegraph
storm harvey
Devastation left by Storm Harvey. image credit: Weather Underground
storm harvey
Residents and families are rescued from their homes from storm Harvey. Image credit: Times Colonist
storm harvey
image credit: The Guardian

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