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Top 10 Endangered Animals That May Imminently Disappear

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No creature has been created without purpose. We all have our purpose here on earth. Great and small, we help balance nature. That way, we maintain peace, harmony, and order. Once this balance is disturbed, chaos is expected.

But one thing is sure, we are all travelers and whether we like it or not, we have to leave this home – earth – to follow another journey. Just like these endangered animals that will soon be extinct (like those dinosaurs), shall we – human beings – should leave this home?

Pinta Island Tortoise

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The world has one known survivor of Pinta Island Tortoise – Lonesome George.  It was called “poster child” for conservation purposes in Galapagos Islands. George was 100 years old and has no mate. There were some reports of $10000 reward for anybody who could find a female mate for George. There were some uncertainty whether George was really the lone survivor of its type. The Prague zoo claimed that it has another tortoise they called Tony, but this information was unconfirmed. 

Lonesome George has left us last June 24, 2012,and its death, categorically placed these subspecies extinct. However, reports claimed that there was one first-generation hybrid individual outside Pinta Island.

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