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Transforming Old Silverware into Amazing Artwork

Pots of Money. (photo credit: Royal College of Art)

This talented British artist, Ann Carrington has a special taste for what is unique. Her recent art series she entitled, Bouquets and Butterflies, showed how she transformed ordinary old silverware into awesome floral arrangements.

To do this, Carrington collects spoons and forks, and knives and transform them into spectacular and elegant bouquets. These awesome creations were just part of her solo exhibition “Pop goes the Weasel” held at the Royal College of Art, London last July 2016.

Her studio. (photo credit: Architectural Digest)

She can transform steel soup spoons into awesome peonies, or soft silver teaspoons into dainty rose petals. The bowls of berry spoons to mimic hydrangea blossoms while fork times can be transformed into gorgeous protea blooms.

“They’re quite difficult to make,” Ann Carrington said during her downtime at her studio in a former railway yard in Margate, a seaside resort east of London. She further said that her lush floral arrangements could take about three months to make – from classifying to creating to completing. She explained, “Each flower requires a different kind of spoon and each metal  requires a different heating technique.” She finds ordinary objects such as forks, knives, pins, paintbrushes, and even barbed wire interesting to create her awesome sculpture, merging these materials into something that tells a story via mundane objects that are familiar to  all of us.

(photo credit:
(photo credit: The Alpina Gstaad)
(photo credit: The Vintage News)
Pearl Ships by Carrington. (photo credit: Usa ART newS)

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