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Unsolved Historical Mysteries in Northern Europe

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Creepy mysteries and stories. Most of them are unsolved crimes, odd things from the sky, and unexplained sightings which left us no answers and explanations. Here are some of these mysteries in Northern Europe that need answers to give their families closure.

Ancient Labyrinth (Denmark)

Series of postholes found in palisade. (photo credit: The Archaeology News Network )

Some archaeologists found a giant Stone Age labyrinth in Stevns, Denmark early 2017. It has entrances in every five rows of its fence which seems to offset from the other’s openings. It is still unknown to experts why it was built like this. Inside the labyrinth, initial excavations show pits with fragments of tools and ceramic items like pottery and axes. Some speculations were told that the place was a sun temple and rituals were held here. The excavations are still going on hoping to find more discoveries and explanations.

A preview of the archaeological survey. Those highlighted in red is the excavated area(photo credit: All that is Interesting)
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